Happy Happy Happy 2014!

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

May this be the BEST.YEAR.EVER!


In my absence from the blog I have been moving and living in our new house for over a month! Which seems pretty impossible yet totally. In that time I have done zero decorating to it besides moving things around here and there. I think 2014 (specifically January) will be my month to get my act together and pick up a paint brush and attack our very yellow kitchen and very off white living room.

Of course I will be back to tell you all about it.  I am still trying to wrap my brain around it first! And yes it has taken me more than a month to figure that much out! Haha.

Happy new year, new you, new everything!




It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been a busy few weeks here and well I was glittering things. A good excuse for sure.

Since the husband built me a mantle last Christmas I’ve been dreaming of what I would do. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg dressing it since I knew I’d have a lot to work with already. Here is what I found on my pinterest for inspiration.


So with this easy DIY and my Christmas card (which you will see in a few) I dreamed up this sketch using the paper app.


And then this is what it finally looks like!!!


I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Happy Reads for the Weekend

I love this…when I see these weight loss images on Pinterest I know they are bogus but this proves the point!

I am really a sucker for good commercials. Footlocker pretty much nailed this one! Check it out!

It is no secret in my family that my youngest daughter loves the Wiggles!!! However I can see her playing this video on repeat!!!! (I know this will get stuck in your head for a whole day…your welcome)!!!

If by chance you haven’t hears “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY” well then you are lucky….because this is the second most annoying video. Again you can thank me later! LOL!

Interesting article that I must share!!!! Oh Gen Y you get ragged on so much!

I am not sure if anyone still watches or likes SNL for that matter but JT and Jimmy teaming up for it sounds pretty damn awesome!

PS I am buying a house today!!! No big deal or anything 😉

App Addict: TED Ideas Worth Spreading

I can’t begin to tell you about my love for TED!  If you don’t know what TED is I suggest that you check them out…rightthissecond!!! Confession: I would 1. love to attend a TED event and 2. I would love to be a speaker at a TED event.  I kid you not people… I would LOVE to someday stand up in front of a crowd of people and inspire them!  That is what TED is about ideas worth spreading.  Their website is pretty awesome but let me tell you it’s their app that has me more addicted.

photo 1

It is the perfect app for anytime you need a little inspiration.   Lately I have been watching the videos while I work out on the elliptical.  It is the perfect tool to help keep me motivated to work out but also keeping me busy and giving me some great food for thought. (Yes I work out my body and mind…haha)

photo 3

Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Brene Brown is AMAZING!!! She has two very excellent talks! One on Listening to Shame and the other on The Power of Vulnerability!

Meg Jay also has a great one on Why 30 is Not the New 20!

Check it out you will not be disappointed!

Happy Reads for the Weekend

NOOOOO!!!!!  Disney say it isn’t so!!!!

Eva Black… I totally agree!!!! 

I like to think that a woman would rock at being POTUS!

Think your up on current events?  Try your hand that this quiz!!!

If you are in need of a laugh and want to hear some girls opinion about some frat guys opinion on short hair…read this! (ps don’t mind the language)

Because I can’t help it I love a good quiz!!!!

I have saved the best read for last.  In honor of our Veteran’s past and present, and those all currently serving our Country. This is a beautiful story! Have tissues handy because you are going to need them!

My closet: black, white and color all over

closet envy

What I wish My closet would look like.  (source)


(Before) What it looks like now. This photo was taken at the time of the inspection.

Back in college I used to tell my best friend that she had too many clothes that were just black and white.  (Most of which came from White House Black Market)  While I have been known to own an absurd amount of pink clothing my style as of late has been leaning more towards blacks, whites, and creamy neutrals.  Recently my purchases have been a cream top, a two black cardigans/sweaters and a black pair of paints.  Maybe my darling best friend knew something I didn’t back in college and that is blacks, creams and whites never go out of style!!

Since I am officially in my thirties (ouch it hurts to say that) I am trying to make my closet reflect a more classic feel with choosing styles and shapes that are more in line with a more classic and timeless feel to them.  I have not been overly trendy yet I still purchase pieces that are on trend (ahem colorful jeans, leopard print flats).  But as long as my closet and clothing choices are more classic vs trendy I think I will have a lot more pieces that can transfer from season to season.  I am going to try to be more intentional (10 points for a blogger buzz word) with my purchases and make sure I am only buying something that I could see myself wearing multiple times vs occasionally.

That doesn’t mean that all my clothes will be black, navy, gray and neutrals…oh no. I still have lots of pinks and bright colors. I am just choosing them in fabrics and pieces that are more versatile.

My father in law of all people pointed something out to me the other day that has stuck with me. He mentioned about having a conversation with my mother in law about purchasing clothes because they were on sale.  How you waste more money on sale clothing because most of the time it isn’t stuff you need but you feel compelled to purchase it because it is on sale.  Yes I am a sale shopper, however lately the items I have been purchasing that were on sale were items that were not overly tending and we in line with my more classic closet concept.

So as I begin the process of packing my closet I am going to try and clean out the items that I no longer wear and create a trash pile and a donate pile.  I am really going to try and not take so as much clothes with me.   It shouldn’t be that difficult because I have been going through my closet every few months and donating…but with the clock ticking and the closing date coming closer I have a reason to really get my butt moving!

PS check out my My Style Pinboard  for a look at what my fashion pinspirations are!