Housekeeping: Pinterest Edition

Hi friends,

It comes as no surprise that I am addicted to Pinterest, being a visually inspired person by nature I get sparks of creativity and madness (the good kind) when I see certain images.  Grouping said images in nice little categories really helps me see and be inspired.  My brain just goes into creative overdrive just scrolling. Anyways I have a ridiculous amount of pins….and I “like” more daily.

I didn’t always use the heart/like symbol but found it the easiest way to scroll through my list and then later go back and place them in the right board.  This also helps me weed out the images that I really like and want to officially pin to the ones where I may not like it that much on second glance.

Lately though my board have been getting out of control, like Emily from Jones Design Company my whole profile is in need of an overhaul.  I, like her, first started by just grouping as many categories as I could together, rather than separate them out by specific room or item.  When I read her post about how she re-organized her Pinterest boards it got me back on track for updating, organizing and reviewing my boards.

I can say it is a long process…and usually I do it while I am on my phone at night. It isn’t that hard but it does take some time.  No, I am not trying to break the world record for fasted updating, organizing and reviewing of Pinterest by an individual but I am just trying to be more mindful of what I am pinning and keeping on my boards.

You may ask….does it matter? The answer no, but for search ability sake for me…yes! At first I lumped both bedrooms and bathrooms together, but I just separated them out. 1. It is just easier to sift through the content of wanting to look at just bathrooms and 2. It gave me the opportunity to delete pins that I no longer like or find relevant.  So, so long big beautiful, spacious bathrooms with double sings and claw foot tubs and hello small compact bathrooms where organizational space is necessary.

I don’t know about you but I find going through my Pinterest board and deleting pins kind of exciting. It just feels like I am freeing up space in my mind for something else.

What about you? Have you done any Pinterest housekeeping lately?  I figured I will attack this one board at a time next might be my photography, graphic design and other board….I have a feeling that one will definitely take me a while.


ps. thanks Emily for the reminder…it was just what I needed!


Hi…I’m back!

Oh White space… the little blog that often gets neglected by real life and real jobs.  I haven’t forgotten about you. I just have been busy…doing stuff. Real life stuff, ya know?  Last time I wrote…it was about Frozen. Nothing worthy of actually needing a post but you get what you get…am I right! Ha.

So living life, the spring and summer flew by. My little family of four spent lots of time outside enjoying the unusually cool summer and now that the leaves are changing and fall is in the air It only seems fitting that I do a quick check back in and say HI!!!!


So back February I wrote about my kitchen dreams. Here is the status of that possible project… STILL DREAMING! But instead of a PHASE ONE approach with just updating things to live with it as is, I am thinking that I want to just see how much it would be to just get my close to dream kitchen. So during a sick days with one of my girls I measured all of our existing cabinets and roughed out a sketch of what I want and I am really (really really) hoping that I can reuse the existing cabinets but just add in a different layout.  My husband and I discussed our goals for our home and the kitchen was one of our main needs updating goals. So we have slowly started to consider what all needs to be changed…besides the layout.  Flooring being the biggest thing that needs updating, we are hoping to do consistent flooring throughout the whole main floor of the house and do a nice wood floor.  Obviously since our dated kitchen is our main goal we figured we could do that flooring first, and then tackle the living room/hallways.

Now I just have to get some flooring quotes and find out how much it would cost to have it installed vs. do it ourselves. I am not sure if my darling husband is willing to take on that task but I sure would if it meant saving money!

Did I mention if we moved the cabinets around we would need new countertops? And then maybe a sink, facet, ANNNDDD backsplash.  And while we are at it maybe get rid of the soffit that runs across the kitchen/dining room ceiling?

I am all about the demo.

In true John and Sherry fangirl fashion I will come out with a list of all the improvements to the kitchen shortly.

Stay tuned!!

Favorite Quote from Frozen

I recently jumped onto the Frozen bandwagon and I have to say it was very entertaining.

One of the quotes came from Olaf the Snowman. Sort of perfect for right now beings that it is March 25th and we just go a dusting of snow. UGH will summer ever come!


Oh I don’t know why but I have always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot!!!



PS: We are slowly making progress on the home front.  Working on where I want to hang our millions of picture frames. Wish me luck this could take all year! 🙂


PPS: I suggest you rent Frozen. Such a cute movie and with a great message!

Kitchen Dreaming

I have been scouring Pinterest lately for all things kitchens!  Now that the walls are primed white (and ready to be painted) I have been gravitating towards images that would help me change my kitchen without spending too much and without a complete demo/reno.

full cabinets and open shelves


tuxedo kitchen and open shelves


At first I saw the images above and I totally fell in love. I have loved white kitchens for a while…but there is something about a two toned kitchen that has me swooning lately. I plan to paint the upper cabinets white and the bottom ones a dark color. (dark gray or dark blue).  I haven’t really decided on the bottom color yet. I think it will depend on how the color on the walls turn out.  I have also been in love with open shelves for YEARS! I wanted to do them in my old house but we sold it before I could and when we were house hunting I was secretly looking at homes where the kitchens could easily be made over to something with open shelves. Let me tell you, here in the Midwest that isn’t easy. We Midwesterners love our dark woods cabinets that wrap around the kitchens making it almost impossible to convert to open shelves. Thankfully the previous owners of Robin Hood had painted our cabinets off white and took some of the cabinets off creating a more open plan.  Now I am itching to get the rest of the cabinets to the left of the sink down and some nice open shelves up.

I was really having a hard time visualizing how the kitchen would look. I had an even harder time trying to articulate what I wanted to my darling husband.  I am constantly seeing photos of kitchens where the cabinets go to the ceiling or are nice and tall and we have an ugly drop ceiling that surrounds the small kitchen area and it bugs me. The drop ceiling and open shelves just wasn’t meshing in my mind.  Until my lovely sister Kari found this image…


(Design Sponge)   (Original Source)

OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I about cried tears of joy, first this kitchen has everything that I wanted tuxedo style (white upper and dark lower cabinets), white subway tile and light grout, and open shelves.  BUT what I fell head over heels for was the fact that this kitchen was almost exactly like my kitchen in terms of layout. It even has a drop ceiling and a window above the sink and drop ceiling over the cabinets, and a wide peninsula just like mine! I had finally found a kitchen that explains all my wants and also has a similar layout!

I had originally wanted to keep our counter tops because I have seen where Little Green Notebook and A beautiful Mess both have done a faux concrete finish on their older counter tops giving them an instant update.  However when I saw the above mentioned image on Design Sponge and then clicked on through to the blog and people behind this beauty of a kitchen I got a little excited that the counter tops are from Lowe’s and not as expensive as I would have imagined.

Even though my dream would be to have an island in my kitchen instead of a peninsula, I am really starting to enjoy the size of the peninsula.  It is pretty large and we do have lots of storage underneath because of it.

So now as I sit back and think about updating our home and a phase one I can see me spending a little more on this kitchen layout to get the counters that I want and still keep the same layout.

Now I just have to figure out what to do about the floors? They are this ugly cream colored linoleum and will clash hardcore with my gray, bright white, and blue color scheme.   Do I replace it in just the kitchen, dining and entry that all share the same flooring or save and splurge on flooring throughout the whole main level with hardwood? What are your thoughts:  consistent flooring throughout the main living spaces or two different types (carpet/tile or hardwood and tile)? Let me know in the comments!

My Thoughts on Sponsored Blog Posts

You know when something becomes wildly popular when companies and agencies take notice and start cashing in on it. Yup we are talking ADVERTISING or in the case of blogging start SPONSORING posts.   With this Sunday being Super Bowl Sunday also known as the biggest day in advertising I figured now is a good time to get my thoughts on advertising and specifically sponsored blog posts.

In general I don’t mind them. The bloggers generally offer personal testimony on why they love the product/app/company etc.  If a blogger uses that product/company regularly you know that what they are saying is truthful to some extent. I have yet to see a sponsored post where the blogger was dissatisfied with the product/company but my guess is that those bloggers wouldn’t pick that product or company to showcase anyways.

What I find interesting is that you can totally tell when a company is rolling out a new product or is on a marketing blitz because more than one blogger will be talking about that product/company/app in any given week.  No joke last week I saw at least 4 bloggers talk about this one product. While the opportunity to win something is exciting and fun the idea that they all happen at the same time to then be forgotten about is bugging me.

As a marketing professional my job is to make sure my company is constantly being noticed. We want to make sure our products and services are always top of mind.  Yes there are times when we do a huge marketing blitz but often times its a constant trickle of information spread out over the course of the year.  While it may not seem like  a killer strategy if you want to get your company noticed rightthissecond it has been beneficial for us.  I am not sure about you but my opinion is that  companies should consider a phased roll out. It could be a month or a couple of months but when I see four bloggers writing about your product/company in one week I tend to think “WOW they really are pushing themselves this week huh”.

I am not sure if companies really understand that we faithful bloggers and blog followers follow more than just one or two blogs… my blog roll is large so I see this trend happening often.  One time I even noticed two bloggers (both with whom I have great respect for) have the EXACT SAME POST.  It was word for word and they had them back to back.  To me that is just sloppy but since then I haven’t seen anything like that and that happened well over a year ago.

So to all the companies out there currently gearing up for your marketing blitz’s (you all know who you are) STOP and think for a second…. would you rather be seen everywhere RIGHTTHISSECOND  to be possibly forgot about long after the followers didn’t win your super awesome giveaway or be seen on the same number of blogs (and same number of giveaways) but phased in a one-three month span?  If I was making that decision I think I would choose the 3 month roll out.

The House on Robin Hood

I never officially introduced you to my new abode!


Forgive the bad angle of the exterior I took this photo during the home inspection! The house was built in the 70’s and has had some updating (meaning the basement) but really she is ready for some fun updating.  And now here are some of the rooms


This is the girls room. It was blue but now we have painted it PINK! This past weekend we even stripped one wall! Such an improvement!


This is the master bedroom. Don’t be jealous I know you want that wallpaper. That paper was original with the house…and has sense been pulled down.  It was not easy and I hated every minute of it. Thankfully its done and that is the ONLY wallpaper in the whole house.


Forgive these are completely out of order. This is our basement.  It is as if some Iowa State fan lived here. This room has not been updated…but it will be.


This is our upstairs living room. It is a nice rectangular space right off the kitchen/dining room area and it has an awesome view of the backyard!


This kitchen…its yellow. I am looking forward to updating it. Eventually I want to completely gut and renovate the kitchen.  And put in nice hardwood all throughout the upstairs.  But for now I am considering my options for this space!

P1010747 sm

This gives you an idea of how tiny the kitchen is. When the dishwasher and the oven are open the doors overlap. My idea is to get rid of the peninsula and do an island for function and because it could give us some more space!


And this my friends is the view…be jealous!

Bedroom Design: Update

Way back in September I told you about my dream bedroom…well since then we have searched, moved and officially lived one month in our new abode.   You can read all about my lovely plans here and here!


On the agenda in our first week of home ownership was wallpaper removal and paint.  When I was searching for homes I kept these inspirations in mind however as searching went on and we officially purchased our home some of these thoughts have changed!

WAIT – WHAT? You say? Well let me explain first of all we painted the walls Sherwin William’s Sea Salt.  They are lovely and its the perfect color for our bedroom. But now that the walls are this beautiful shade soft blue/gray/green I am second guessing some of the choices for the room. Mainly the bedding. Although I originally wanted this awesome navy and white stripped bedding I am thinking now going towards a softer gray for the bedding.  I still changing my mind so for right now I am planning on keeping it as is until I find the perfect bedding.    Since we now have a master bathroom connected to our bedroom I have been toying with the idea of painting it a darker navy color.  There is a whole lotta white going on and well the navy would help balance out all that white. Not to mention look amazing with my shower curtain. It will also blend nicely with the paler walls in our bedroom.

So the state of our master bedroom is still in the beginning stages.  As in we sleep and get dressed but beyond that…not much.  It will be a work in progress for awhile I guess.  I will keep you posted on any changes. AND I promise to have images to share from my own space. But since I am terrible at getting photos of my own space you can look at my bedroom pinterest board for all my latest inspirations.