Housekeeping: Pinterest Edition

Hi friends,

It comes as no surprise that I am addicted to Pinterest, being a visually inspired person by nature I get sparks of creativity and madness (the good kind) when I see certain images.  Grouping said images in nice little categories really helps me see and be inspired.  My brain just goes into creative overdrive just scrolling. Anyways I have a ridiculous amount of pins….and I “like” more daily.

I didn’t always use the heart/like symbol but found it the easiest way to scroll through my list and then later go back and place them in the right board.  This also helps me weed out the images that I really like and want to officially pin to the ones where I may not like it that much on second glance.

Lately though my board have been getting out of control, like Emily from Jones Design Company my whole profile is in need of an overhaul.  I, like her, first started by just grouping as many categories as I could together, rather than separate them out by specific room or item.  When I read her post about how she re-organized her Pinterest boards it got me back on track for updating, organizing and reviewing my boards.

I can say it is a long process…and usually I do it while I am on my phone at night. It isn’t that hard but it does take some time.  No, I am not trying to break the world record for fasted updating, organizing and reviewing of Pinterest by an individual but I am just trying to be more mindful of what I am pinning and keeping on my boards.

You may ask….does it matter? The answer no, but for search ability sake for me…yes! At first I lumped both bedrooms and bathrooms together, but I just separated them out. 1. It is just easier to sift through the content of wanting to look at just bathrooms and 2. It gave me the opportunity to delete pins that I no longer like or find relevant.  So, so long big beautiful, spacious bathrooms with double sings and claw foot tubs and hello small compact bathrooms where organizational space is necessary.

I don’t know about you but I find going through my Pinterest board and deleting pins kind of exciting. It just feels like I am freeing up space in my mind for something else.

What about you? Have you done any Pinterest housekeeping lately?  I figured I will attack this one board at a time next might be my photography, graphic design and other board….I have a feeling that one will definitely take me a while.


ps. thanks Emily for the reminder…it was just what I needed!


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