Hi…I’m back!

Oh White space… the little blog that often gets neglected by real life and real jobs.  I haven’t forgotten about you. I just have been busy…doing stuff. Real life stuff, ya know?  Last time I wrote…it was about Frozen. Nothing worthy of actually needing a post but you get what you get…am I right! Ha.

So living life, the spring and summer flew by. My little family of four spent lots of time outside enjoying the unusually cool summer and now that the leaves are changing and fall is in the air It only seems fitting that I do a quick check back in and say HI!!!!


So back February I wrote about my kitchen dreams. Here is the status of that possible project… STILL DREAMING! But instead of a PHASE ONE approach with just updating things to live with it as is, I am thinking that I want to just see how much it would be to just get my close to dream kitchen. So during a sick days with one of my girls I measured all of our existing cabinets and roughed out a sketch of what I want and I am really (really really) hoping that I can reuse the existing cabinets but just add in a different layout.  My husband and I discussed our goals for our home and the kitchen was one of our main needs updating goals. So we have slowly started to consider what all needs to be changed…besides the layout.  Flooring being the biggest thing that needs updating, we are hoping to do consistent flooring throughout the whole main floor of the house and do a nice wood floor.  Obviously since our dated kitchen is our main goal we figured we could do that flooring first, and then tackle the living room/hallways.

Now I just have to get some flooring quotes and find out how much it would cost to have it installed vs. do it ourselves. I am not sure if my darling husband is willing to take on that task but I sure would if it meant saving money!

Did I mention if we moved the cabinets around we would need new countertops? And then maybe a sink, facet, ANNNDDD backsplash.  And while we are at it maybe get rid of the soffit that runs across the kitchen/dining room ceiling?

I am all about the demo.

In true John and Sherry fangirl fashion I will come out with a list of all the improvements to the kitchen shortly.

Stay tuned!!


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