Kitchen Dreaming

I have been scouring Pinterest lately for all things kitchens!  Now that the walls are primed white (and ready to be painted) I have been gravitating towards images that would help me change my kitchen without spending too much and without a complete demo/reno.

full cabinets and open shelves


tuxedo kitchen and open shelves


At first I saw the images above and I totally fell in love. I have loved white kitchens for a while…but there is something about a two toned kitchen that has me swooning lately. I plan to paint the upper cabinets white and the bottom ones a dark color. (dark gray or dark blue).  I haven’t really decided on the bottom color yet. I think it will depend on how the color on the walls turn out.  I have also been in love with open shelves for YEARS! I wanted to do them in my old house but we sold it before I could and when we were house hunting I was secretly looking at homes where the kitchens could easily be made over to something with open shelves. Let me tell you, here in the Midwest that isn’t easy. We Midwesterners love our dark woods cabinets that wrap around the kitchens making it almost impossible to convert to open shelves. Thankfully the previous owners of Robin Hood had painted our cabinets off white and took some of the cabinets off creating a more open plan.  Now I am itching to get the rest of the cabinets to the left of the sink down and some nice open shelves up.

I was really having a hard time visualizing how the kitchen would look. I had an even harder time trying to articulate what I wanted to my darling husband.  I am constantly seeing photos of kitchens where the cabinets go to the ceiling or are nice and tall and we have an ugly drop ceiling that surrounds the small kitchen area and it bugs me. The drop ceiling and open shelves just wasn’t meshing in my mind.  Until my lovely sister Kari found this image…


(Design Sponge)   (Original Source)

OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I about cried tears of joy, first this kitchen has everything that I wanted tuxedo style (white upper and dark lower cabinets), white subway tile and light grout, and open shelves.  BUT what I fell head over heels for was the fact that this kitchen was almost exactly like my kitchen in terms of layout. It even has a drop ceiling and a window above the sink and drop ceiling over the cabinets, and a wide peninsula just like mine! I had finally found a kitchen that explains all my wants and also has a similar layout!

I had originally wanted to keep our counter tops because I have seen where Little Green Notebook and A beautiful Mess both have done a faux concrete finish on their older counter tops giving them an instant update.  However when I saw the above mentioned image on Design Sponge and then clicked on through to the blog and people behind this beauty of a kitchen I got a little excited that the counter tops are from Lowe’s and not as expensive as I would have imagined.

Even though my dream would be to have an island in my kitchen instead of a peninsula, I am really starting to enjoy the size of the peninsula.  It is pretty large and we do have lots of storage underneath because of it.

So now as I sit back and think about updating our home and a phase one I can see me spending a little more on this kitchen layout to get the counters that I want and still keep the same layout.

Now I just have to figure out what to do about the floors? They are this ugly cream colored linoleum and will clash hardcore with my gray, bright white, and blue color scheme.   Do I replace it in just the kitchen, dining and entry that all share the same flooring or save and splurge on flooring throughout the whole main level with hardwood? What are your thoughts:  consistent flooring throughout the main living spaces or two different types (carpet/tile or hardwood and tile)? Let me know in the comments!


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