The House on Robin Hood

I never officially introduced you to my new abode!


Forgive the bad angle of the exterior I took this photo during the home inspection! The house was built in the 70’s and has had some updating (meaning the basement) but really she is ready for some fun updating.  And now here are some of the rooms


This is the girls room. It was blue but now we have painted it PINK! This past weekend we even stripped one wall! Such an improvement!


This is the master bedroom. Don’t be jealous I know you want that wallpaper. That paper was original with the house…and has sense been pulled down.  It was not easy and I hated every minute of it. Thankfully its done and that is the ONLY wallpaper in the whole house.


Forgive these are completely out of order. This is our basement.  It is as if some Iowa State fan lived here. This room has not been updated…but it will be.


This is our upstairs living room. It is a nice rectangular space right off the kitchen/dining room area and it has an awesome view of the backyard!


This kitchen…its yellow. I am looking forward to updating it. Eventually I want to completely gut and renovate the kitchen.  And put in nice hardwood all throughout the upstairs.  But for now I am considering my options for this space!

P1010747 sm

This gives you an idea of how tiny the kitchen is. When the dishwasher and the oven are open the doors overlap. My idea is to get rid of the peninsula and do an island for function and because it could give us some more space!


And this my friends is the view…be jealous!


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