My Thoughts on Sponsored Blog Posts

You know when something becomes wildly popular when companies and agencies take notice and start cashing in on it. Yup we are talking ADVERTISING or in the case of blogging start SPONSORING posts.   With this Sunday being Super Bowl Sunday also known as the biggest day in advertising I figured now is a good time to get my thoughts on advertising and specifically sponsored blog posts.

In general I don’t mind them. The bloggers generally offer personal testimony on why they love the product/app/company etc.  If a blogger uses that product/company regularly you know that what they are saying is truthful to some extent. I have yet to see a sponsored post where the blogger was dissatisfied with the product/company but my guess is that those bloggers wouldn’t pick that product or company to showcase anyways.

What I find interesting is that you can totally tell when a company is rolling out a new product or is on a marketing blitz because more than one blogger will be talking about that product/company/app in any given week.  No joke last week I saw at least 4 bloggers talk about this one product. While the opportunity to win something is exciting and fun the idea that they all happen at the same time to then be forgotten about is bugging me.

As a marketing professional my job is to make sure my company is constantly being noticed. We want to make sure our products and services are always top of mind.  Yes there are times when we do a huge marketing blitz but often times its a constant trickle of information spread out over the course of the year.  While it may not seem like  a killer strategy if you want to get your company noticed rightthissecond it has been beneficial for us.  I am not sure about you but my opinion is that  companies should consider a phased roll out. It could be a month or a couple of months but when I see four bloggers writing about your product/company in one week I tend to think “WOW they really are pushing themselves this week huh”.

I am not sure if companies really understand that we faithful bloggers and blog followers follow more than just one or two blogs… my blog roll is large so I see this trend happening often.  One time I even noticed two bloggers (both with whom I have great respect for) have the EXACT SAME POST.  It was word for word and they had them back to back.  To me that is just sloppy but since then I haven’t seen anything like that and that happened well over a year ago.

So to all the companies out there currently gearing up for your marketing blitz’s (you all know who you are) STOP and think for a second…. would you rather be seen everywhere RIGHTTHISSECOND  to be possibly forgot about long after the followers didn’t win your super awesome giveaway or be seen on the same number of blogs (and same number of giveaways) but phased in a one-three month span?  If I was making that decision I think I would choose the 3 month roll out.


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