Bedroom Design: Update

Way back in September I told you about my dream bedroom…well since then we have searched, moved and officially lived one month in our new abode.   You can read all about my lovely plans here and here!


On the agenda in our first week of home ownership was wallpaper removal and paint.  When I was searching for homes I kept these inspirations in mind however as searching went on and we officially purchased our home some of these thoughts have changed!

WAIT – WHAT? You say? Well let me explain first of all we painted the walls Sherwin William’s Sea Salt.  They are lovely and its the perfect color for our bedroom. But now that the walls are this beautiful shade soft blue/gray/green I am second guessing some of the choices for the room. Mainly the bedding. Although I originally wanted this awesome navy and white stripped bedding I am thinking now going towards a softer gray for the bedding.  I still changing my mind so for right now I am planning on keeping it as is until I find the perfect bedding.    Since we now have a master bathroom connected to our bedroom I have been toying with the idea of painting it a darker navy color.  There is a whole lotta white going on and well the navy would help balance out all that white. Not to mention look amazing with my shower curtain. It will also blend nicely with the paler walls in our bedroom.

So the state of our master bedroom is still in the beginning stages.  As in we sleep and get dressed but beyond that…not much.  It will be a work in progress for awhile I guess.  I will keep you posted on any changes. AND I promise to have images to share from my own space. But since I am terrible at getting photos of my own space you can look at my bedroom pinterest board for all my latest inspirations.


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