Happy Reads for the Weekend

I love this…when I see these weight loss images on Pinterest I know they are bogus but this proves the point!

I am really a sucker for good commercials. Footlocker pretty much nailed this one! Check it out!

It is no secret in my family that my youngest daughter loves the Wiggles!!! However I can see her playing this video on repeat!!!! (I know this will get stuck in your head for a whole day…your welcome)!!!

If by chance you haven’t hears “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY” well then you are lucky….because this is the second most annoying video. Again you can thank me later! LOL!

Interesting article that I must share!!!! Oh Gen Y you get ragged on so much!

I am not sure if anyone still watches or likes SNL for that matter but JT and Jimmy teaming up for it sounds pretty damn awesome!

PS I am buying a house today!!! No big deal or anything 😉


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