My closet: black, white and color all over

closet envy

What I wish My closet would look like.  (source)


(Before) What it looks like now. This photo was taken at the time of the inspection.

Back in college I used to tell my best friend that she had too many clothes that were just black and white.  (Most of which came from White House Black Market)  While I have been known to own an absurd amount of pink clothing my style as of late has been leaning more towards blacks, whites, and creamy neutrals.  Recently my purchases have been a cream top, a two black cardigans/sweaters and a black pair of paints.  Maybe my darling best friend knew something I didn’t back in college and that is blacks, creams and whites never go out of style!!

Since I am officially in my thirties (ouch it hurts to say that) I am trying to make my closet reflect a more classic feel with choosing styles and shapes that are more in line with a more classic and timeless feel to them.  I have not been overly trendy yet I still purchase pieces that are on trend (ahem colorful jeans, leopard print flats).  But as long as my closet and clothing choices are more classic vs trendy I think I will have a lot more pieces that can transfer from season to season.  I am going to try to be more intentional (10 points for a blogger buzz word) with my purchases and make sure I am only buying something that I could see myself wearing multiple times vs occasionally.

That doesn’t mean that all my clothes will be black, navy, gray and neutrals…oh no. I still have lots of pinks and bright colors. I am just choosing them in fabrics and pieces that are more versatile.

My father in law of all people pointed something out to me the other day that has stuck with me. He mentioned about having a conversation with my mother in law about purchasing clothes because they were on sale.  How you waste more money on sale clothing because most of the time it isn’t stuff you need but you feel compelled to purchase it because it is on sale.  Yes I am a sale shopper, however lately the items I have been purchasing that were on sale were items that were not overly tending and we in line with my more classic closet concept.

So as I begin the process of packing my closet I am going to try and clean out the items that I no longer wear and create a trash pile and a donate pile.  I am really going to try and not take so as much clothes with me.   It shouldn’t be that difficult because I have been going through my closet every few months and donating…but with the clock ticking and the closing date coming closer I have a reason to really get my butt moving!

PS check out my My Style Pinboard  for a look at what my fashion pinspirations are!


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