House Hunting: Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

House Hunting Update:  Apparently 4 bed, 2+ bathroom houses are extremely popular in my neck of the woods because of the 16 that are available two have had accepted offers just today and one is closing on Monday.  These are three houses in a very short amount of time.  Also these three houses that we were either interested in or going to visit. UGH!!!!  What is it fire sale season?


Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I love house snooping (aka peeking into peoples windows to see how they decorate) and thanks to blogland everyone is sharing there beautiful homes from the inside out, giving us all the details and even sourcing some of their materials used.  It sends my home stalker tendencies into overdrive.

inspired living

(source: Inspired Living Note: I am in love with the around of windows, and the columns between the room)

It is really helping me get my creative juices flowing and every  time I go to an open house or see a house on a real estate listing I start to think of ways to incorporate all these ideas into that specific house.  I would really love a house that has an open floor plan but since most of the homes in this area are split-levels or walk out ranches that might not be a possibility. However looking at Dawn from Inspired Living’s 1920’s bungalow has really sent my brain spinning in all sorts of wonderful directions.  Her home is magazine worthy and now I am itching to get my hands dirty renovating or redoing a new house!

Since we are in house search stage I guess I have been saving all of these wonderful photos onto my Pinterest boards.  I think once we have an idea of the house we are going with I will have to start a new board dedicated to all things new house related!

P.S. On a completely different yet totally similar note: You know it’s true love when your husband calls you and asks if here is any new houses on the market.  He knows me so well or he knows that I keep up to date on all the major websites for new homes that have popped up!


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