Bedtime Conversations With Boden


(Hawaiian sunset)

The little dude gets rather chatty around bedtime.  Mostly protesting in his sweet little whiney voice, why he shouldn’t be heading to bed. And it is usually just shortly after, where he lay sleeping in my arms, completely at peace.

Tonight was no different. But tonight he was protesting a little harder than normal because daddy wasn’t home to rock him to dreamland. And since he correlates daddy being at work, with daddy being gone it was a pretty hard night.

It went something like this.

B: no mommeee sun is awake time.

M: Oh no honey, the sun is very sleepy.

B: but sun needs to take a bafff. (bath)

M: I think the sun will take a bath in the ocean and then go to bed.

B: the sun takes a baff in the ocean?

M: yes, the sun will take a bath in the ocean then she will go to sleep. But don’t worry Boden, the light always comes.

And that last little line really caught me off guard. Some days are totally better than others. Especially with a toddler who has a mind of his own. But the light always comes. There is always a chance to start over. Do better. Like Glennon of Momestary says “We can do hard things.”

And the light always comes.

Good night Boden.



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