An Idea Adult Halloween Party

Halloween Party by Katie, see more Minted holiday cards

Halloween Party board by Katie. See more Minted holiday cards

For years my husband and I have attended a friends Halloween party. It was probably my most favorite party of the year. I love when adults get dressed up and enjoy delicious appetizers and libations! Sadly the lovely hostesses have stopped having their party due to work/travel issues.  I would so love to host a Halloween party and if you have seen the movie Hocus Pocus you know the type of party I would like to host, adults only (sorry kids) the one where the adults are wearing awesome costumes, the decorations are tastefully done with a focus on the darkness and scariness of the season vs. scary like Freddie.  Black, orange, gold, pumpkins, gorgeous floral arrangements, candle light, a slight chill in the air (Although if this were to happen this year it would be winter cold grr) and for dramatic effect, hint of rain in the air.  People could sip on mixed concoctions with sinister names and discuss who’s costume wins most creative. Games would be played, music and dancing would surely happen. It would be a let your hair down and be whatever character or monster you wanted to be. No need to be who you really are… this is Halloween and you can be whatever you want to be.  If I would give this Halloween party a theme it would be dark, mysterious and glamorous at the same time.  I know you’re thinking glamorous for Halloween? Yes, in my mind an ideal Halloween party would be dark, mysterious and glamorous.

Oh and I would totally throw a children’s Halloween party as well…just more kid friendly!

PS I totally love Minted ! But who doesn’t 🙂 !


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