Exciting news

Forgive for the radio silence! October has been a super cray month. Between celebrating my birthday, living at my parents house while they visited my sister in paradise,  moving back to the in-laws, taking part in two inspirational wedding shoots and celebrating a special 5 year olds birthday all week long I was tired out and uninspired to write. Oh did I mention that my full time job has been cray busy as well…because it all has drained my creative juices.

BUT I am back…from this few week hiatus with some super exciting news….. WE ARE HOUSE SEARCHING!!!!

Can you tell in my all caps announcement how excited I am…because I am ecstatic! We have been waiting for this for months and now we are finally getting to really hammer out all the important things!

We got the go a head last week and since then we have seen 3 houses with 3 more on the agenda tonight!

So far 1 houses yard was too small, the other one needed major (I mean MAJOR) repairs and the other one was actually a contender.

Here is the sad part…if I were to put our search criteria into a data base (4 bedroom, 2+bath, finished basement, 2 car garage, medium to large sized yard and a safe neighborhood) and narrow down the price to within a very specific range we get at the most 14 homes. That doesn’t take into account the fact that the database might not be as up-to-date with their listings.  So you could probably knock off a good 4 from that list, that would give us 10.  And that doesn’t include yard size so I bet that list is more in the single digits.  Depressing isn’t it.

Don’t get me wrong I could widen the price search, but if we go any higher and we would be reaching our max number…which I don’t want to do, go any lower and we find homes that are in less savory neighborhoods etc.

I hope to share as much about this journey as possible…hopefully we can find one that fits us now and in the future!!!


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