The Great Hair Debate

Monday I took the plunge and have called to get my hair did (Katie’s super cute Ombre do made me.)



(Katie’s super cute ombre)

So now I’m on the mad dash to find out just exactly what I want for my hair. Did I mention that I am also testing out a new stylist? Because yeah, that is happening too.


Right now I’m thinking about bangs.


After I told myself that I would never do bangs again (hence why a bought some faux ones to try).

This time I’m thinking about doing more long bangs and not the short across the forehead ones I had last time. And now that I have more time to do them I can probably make them look the way they are suppose to every morning.

I’m also totally loving the ombre look. So eventually I might take that plunge as well.

Anyone have any advice for hair tips?

Here is my Pinterest Hair Board

Tips on Maintaining Ombre Hair (Katie lookin at you!)

Stay tuned for updates.

xoxo a hui hou


One thought on “The Great Hair Debate

  1. Kates here – I love my ombre hair color! The dark to light color blends perfectly together which makes it look so much more natural instead of the “hey to do you see my hair color grow out”! When I first got it done and she curled it looked amazing, I was still a little unsure of how it would look straight since I don’t curl my hair every day. I still love it, actually I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEEE IT! I totally recommend this color style to anyone who wants a change. The perfect thing about it is that the base color on the top is very close to my natural color that keeping this look updated will be a breeze.
    PS thanks Kari for the tip! I totally pinned it and actually READ it! Novelty I know – haha! Also you can send me your faux bangs any day beings that I am not taking the bangs plunge.

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