Bedroom Design Board: Part Two

Artwork, curtains, lighting and seating oh my!

So to refresh your brains I discussed my dream for my future bedroom in Bedroom Design Board: Part One.  I love color but most importantly I love a place that reflects me and my husband’s unique personalities and a place where we can come together and feel comfortable in that space.  Something with just the right mix of male/female touches.  Well its all in the details baby…and here they are!!!!

bedroom design board2

First let’s talk artwork.  Our old bedroom was full of images from our wedding 8 frames worth of drool worthy wedding images to be exact. I love every single image in each of those frames and I am thinking of keeping them in the bedroom. However, I am also toying with the idea of just picking a select few to display and putting the frames to use elsewhere in the house. Since we have been married 7 years we have plenty of other memories to share on our walls. Not to mention art. I love all kinds of art. Usually the more color the better.  I want art for this room to feel intimate, sexy and intriguing.  I love the image below because I used the exact three words to describe it. Also since it’s the back of a woman it isn’t showing a face so it isn’t some stranger looking at my while I am trying to fall asleep.  It’s also beautiful and colorful an excellent combination.

The next image of the sunburst mirror is for inspiration. When my grandmother passed away last year I became the proud owner of an old sunburst clock.  The clock portion does not work and it is broken in a few places, but with a fresh coat of gold paint and a round mirror attached that beautiful memory of my grandmother house will have new life.   It brings me much happiness knowing that I have two sentimental pieces from my grandparents’ home in my bedroom. (The second piece I am referring to was a wedding gift from my grandmother that she received at her wedding. It’s religious but so beautiful and it is not shown because it is currently in storage.)

Moving on to the chair and side table, this chair has a great pattern and shape and the table is so simple and lovely.  If the room is big enough and we can fit both of these pieces in than I am hoping to find something similar to this. The table resembles something that I already have in storage but would need a nice gold paint job to make look similar.  So both of these items are inspiration until I can be sure we have the space in the bedroom for them. If not I could see these pieces being transferred to the living room or spare bedroom.

Night stands and all the fixings. I am in loveeeee with Erin’s of Elements of Style’s “Lady of the Bar”!  So awesome – right!  Her lady of the bar inspired me to have my own headless version to hold all my beautiful necklaces (ah-la image shown). Okay, so maybe not a headless statue but a lovely display place for my jewelry without taking up wall space or dresser space.  I also would love to paint the nightstand a fun bright color. At least paint my night stand a fun vibrant color. Since that is my style. I am also a huge fan of gold leaf anything…so maybe a DIY project is in order to create a cute little space for my rings, chapstick etc.

And but not least, Lighting! In our last bedroom our lighting situation was less to be desired. More hand-me-down from my mother and ceiling fan lighting, I promised myself that the lamp would not be making the trip into storage (however I think it did sneak in there). No matter what I am planning on getting some nice simple matching lamps with either some really fun shades, like these threshold target ones (probably be discontinued) or some simple shades with a fun gold painted interior.  As for the ceiling lighting I am hoping we will have a light. Some of the homes in this area don’t have overhead lighting (crazy right).  If they do they generally have ceiling fans. And although they are super functional and wonderful to have they are not pretty to look at and generally collect lots of dust that then gets sent around the room every time it is in use.

I am in love with this beautiful light figure.  The hair salon that I use has this light figure and I have seen this light in action at night and it has a beautiful glow and a cool pattern on the ceiling. I think it would be WONDERFUL to have in a bedroom.  I will have this light somewhere in my home….and I really hope it’s in my bedroom.

So that’s it. My inspiration for my bedroom! I am really excited to get going on this house process so I can really start pulling all of this together. Depending on the space I am pretty sure we will live in it for a month or two before we really start doing anything or buying anything major.  I am sure this will be a year or longer process but eventually I will see my vision come to life.


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