Happy Reads For The Weekend

Ah yes I have been MIA and so has Kari but in our defense we have had some crazy busy weeks. Mine involved job interviews,  a wedding, a holiday, a vet emergency and well general life with two little crazy girls.

A new spin on the whole Miley/VMA debacle and how we (we meaning a society) need to talk with our sons about the other side of that performance (ahm Mr. Thicke I am talking to you).  (I know I am totally behind the game and Miley was so last week but still a good thing to remember)

I know this really isn’t a big article per say but the photo speaks volumes for us Catholics and could this give us a hint to the direction the Pope is headed in.

Big10 football starts started last weekend and well this article about which school has the most annoying fans says it all. Thankfully Iowa is not in the number one spot!

A great Huff Post article called  10 things I want my daughter to know before she turns 10 I have two girls so this article is a keeper for when they get closer to the age 10!

I know most of this information or the articles are old…but that is what is great about the internet. Great reads are there for everyone to read and its like finding a rare gem.

Happy Weekend all, xoxo



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