My love for Typography

Nerd Alert: I am a total typography junkie!  This week for some unknown reason the blogosphere must have known because I have seen a few great little articles (and a video) on the art of typography and how typography and excellent graphic design skills can change the look and feel of any design.

The first link goes to a article that was shared with my graphic designers group on LinkedIn.  This is a great little article on Understanding Letters written by typekit by Adobe .

This blogs is awesome. I suggest you fill your coffee or tea up now and plan to stay a while on that site.

The second link I am sending you to was posted by the amazing team at Braizen team.  This little branding and design firm has some major style. I have been following them for a while and I love every single one of their designs that they produce for their clients.

So the link they shared on their blog was actually a Vimeo called From Paper to Screen produced by Thibault de Fournas as a graduation project. Its pretty awesome and well I would give this individual an A for sure!

If I am lucky enough to find any more I will share them in the notes sections!



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