Happy reads for this weekend

Hi Everyone,

Here are some great reads if you find yourself sitting in a dark room putting you children to bed later this evening and need something to read on your phone. (ps I am totally guilty of this!)

A beautiful story about married couple from Iowa who died together after 72 years of marriage.

Mr. Gates the husband of Erin Gates of Elements of Style talks about Technology Additions.  (ps totally guilty!!!)

Nicole Blach and family bought a house (insert jealousy here) and not just that, they bought a Victorian house.  Can I tell you my level of jealousy is extreme! I stalked a lovely Victorian for sale in my town for almost a year. However about two months ago it was no longer for sale yet I can’t find any record of it actually selling. I MUST KNOW if my dream house has sold!

and last but not least Cara from Maskcara wrote a beautiful poem/story about addiction and recovery.  It is really beautiful and I wanted to thank her for being brave enough to hit publish.

If you have any great reads you want to share leave them in the comments.  Like I said I am always looking for something to read while putting my girls to sleep.


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