Bedroom Design Board: Part One

For the past year I have been dreaming of and redesigning my master bedroom that more reflects mine and my husband’s style now since I get the option and because we are older and our tastes have changed.   When we first got married we were in our mid-twenties and we chose colors, patterns that were available all in one package. I will admit I was striving for Pottery Barn perfect instead of creating a room that was more our style.  I will say that it never really reflected who both my husband and I as individuals or as a couple. So I begin to redesign my bedroom to the perfect mix of grown up masculine and feminine!

Why do you ask does it have to fit both genders?  Honestly It has to be something that both of us can live with and love because if you were to ask my husband about our floral curtains that I purchased for our living room  he would say “oh those old lady curtains” Yeah he disliked them immensely and I loved them.

So with all the information in mind and the fact that we will be getting somewhat of a clean slate in the new home (we are keeping our bed, two dressers and one night stand) I figured now is a great time to create a perfect mix of color, pattern and texture to design a bedroom that is fun and playful yet grown up and with a touch of sophisticated. Which is exactly how I would describe my husband and I. Also after spending a year in a plain colored room I am craving something more colorful.

So here it is…I will explain the choices after the image.

bedroom design board


First let’s talk color palette.  I wanted something that was covered both of our favorite colors, mine being anything in the pink family and Damian’s in the blue family.  The color inspiration actually came from the pillow that is shown with the multicolor palette.  What I love about it is that it also incorporates a green/yellow color…which in my palette was more golden in hue…and glittery gold.  I am usually a fan of white gold or silver but lately the golden hues have been really catching my eye.  The color adds a hint of warmth and sophistication that (to me) silver doesn’t always do.  I really love how the colors can mix and mingle with each other and look amazing and at the same time they can stand alone and be really great as well.  It’s a strong color palette but yet it still has soft colors to help calm it down without feeling too over powering.

As for which color will go on the wall well that could change depending the size of the room and the amount of natural light it gets.  I have been really digging this light mint/seafoam color for a while and I think it would look great on the walls to help give the room some color as a base.  I have also been considering doing a statement wall. Preferable the wall in which the bed is nestled up to.  My two favorite contenders for this are either white and gold patterned wall or a wall with words written on it. (Something sappy like the song we first danced to at our wedding) Either way it’s a thought.  All of these choices will be run by the husband before I bust out the paint brushes.  Even though he doesn’t consider himself a designer he often times has some pretty great ideas so it could help to run it by him to either get his approval or a spark of inspiration.

As for flooring I really do love carpet in the bedrooms and since we don’t have a specific house yet I usually gravitate to a more neutral choice on the flooring as well.  From my own experience it’s better to keep the carpet neutral vs blue carpet which if you change your mind in say 5 years it will be out dated. But if the house has a hardwood floor I think a really nice patterned rug that combines the dark blue color and a lighter color OR something simply and soft under our feet.  I can do color in rugs because they can easily be changed rugs…not so much.

As for the trim around the windows and on the doors I always go with white. Its classic, it’s clean and it goes with everything.  I added the image of the chartreuse colored closet doors as an inspirational image only.  Even though I enjoy seeing color in unexpected places (like a closet door) I am more prone to just sticking with white and since I am saving the color for places like bedding and side tables I will want to keep the walls, doors and trim as neutral as possible. However what I love about this image is that if you take a standard, plain closet door and if you add trim to it (like shown) you can instantly give it a custom look.

Now for the fun elements HOORAY FOR BEDDING!!! First off let me tell you in my opinion the bedding is the most important element in the bedroom. If the bedding isn’t what you want it can throw off the whole room.  For both my husband and I, picking bedding out when we were registering for our wedding was painful. I am overly girly and he didn’t want anything to do with floral, paisley or polka dotted.  So when we found stripped bedding it was perfect mix for us.  When I found this bold blue and white stripe duvet I knew it would be perfect. I love a bold strip on a bed and even though it can lend itself to little boy bedding, I think with the right mix it can also be grown up as well.  As for the sheets I would love to do a coal polka dot, or pattern of some kind. Since the sheet doesn’t get as much of attention as the comforter I think the husband will be okay if I go a little more girly with this.  Oh but the pillows… we already have a gazillion pillows on our bed but I think it would be wonderful to have some more decorative pillows.  I really love the Mr & Mrs pillows and I think I could easily recreate that as well as the pillow that I used as my inspiration.  Or I could make Kari recreate it considering she has the degree in art. (Note to Kari: be prepared to paint me up some awesome pillows). Also who wouldn’t want a pillow with their state on it! (Iowa pride my friends)  I am showing a really lovely headboard.  We will be using our solid wood bed that is a honey wood tone but I would love to get an upholstered headboard something with more of a rounded shape to help fill out the space above the bed.

So tell me are you a fan of the colorful bedrooms or do you prefer a more muted color palette?

Next up will be the added goodness like artwork, curtains, seating, lighting etc.






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