Mommy for the WIN!

additional uses for a pool

I have to share this because I totally won mommy points this past weekend.

We were house sitting for my parents this weekend and usually when we house sit we get out the blowup pool and the girls spend a lot of time in there playing.

For some reason this summer hasn’t been super-hot and since it was a little breezy I knew that the girls wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes playing in the water.  So when my 4 almost 5 year old suggested that we out the pool I gingerly suggested that instead of putting water in the pool that we fill it full of blankets and pillows and the girls can play with their dolls and teddy bears in there.


It was like their little minds were thinking of the wonderful possibilities that creating a fun, cushiony play area could be.  It was the perfect suggestion because instead of being inside watching tv all day I had a little girl outside playing pirate ship and mermaid hideout with her new found pool of awesomeness.

I love watching my girls play. Even though my 2 year old doesn’t really get what my 4 year old is playing the do love to interact with each other and just watching them is a gift.

Both my husband and I liked it because it gave us time to just hang out as a family outside on my parents newly finished patio.

I do want to credit pinterest for this mommy win!!! Even though it was suggested as a date night looking at the clouds sort of thing, it ended up working out much better for two little girls and their imaginations.


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