Oh Herman Miller

Herman Miller Living Beats Dying

You pretty much killed it with your “Living Office” booklet.  Your use of graphic images, informative text, the size of the documents, the kick-ass double sided poster and well just pure awesomeness has me wanting to frame every single page in this booklet/marketing piece.

The whole document is a design lovers eye candy but there are a few pages that stand out to me on a marketing level that just scream “these people get it.”

The first is page 25 titled The Office Documented. Pure genius, not only do you say “hey we know are stuff” but you can prove it through your published work.  You have just won over my ever questioning self on the most basic question…why? Yup ah-maz-ing.

The second page that stands out is page 26 Work in Progress. This is the last page in the booklet and let me tell you it speaks volumes.  From a pure design standpoint the lines between the images and how the images create a simple box, my white space loving heart is giddy over this.  I also love how the images show your designs being used in the real world. This totally makes we want to find an office environment that uses you design layouts. (PS Love those pages too)

However the Pièce de résistance of this whole booklet has to be (hands down) the back inside cover. (Image above)  This whole booklet has a hipster vibe too it but not only that, it speaks to my generation. The generation that will thrive on a living office! From the design alone the you had me at the chicken but the grim reaper in killer heeled boots – I die from the awesomeness!  I am totally framing it and hanging it in my office!

Thank you Herman Miller for designing such an awesome piece and the rep for giving it to us, I hope you don’t come back for it…if so you are going to be missing a back cover and an interior poster.


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