House Hunting: We’ve Only Just Begun

Like the title?? Well the Tale of Despereaux was already taken so since this will be a long process it’s only right to start any good story from the beginning and in all honesty we have only just begun!

Here is the back story: a year ago my husband and I decided we wanted to move back home where the schools are excellent and most of our friends have been slowly migrating their way back as well so with that said within weeks both of us had jobs and were set to move.  In August we packed up our stuff, staged out house and put it on the market. In the mean time we moved in with my in-laws.  It took roughly 6 months for our house to sell…nothing like most people on blogland who seem to be selling in record time. (Disclaimer: we did try and sell ours in the winter too. So that does not help) In May we officially said good-bye to our old house and town and since then we have been saving up for a nice sized down payment while we look for our future perfect forever house.   It has been a year this month when we moved in with my in-laws (hence the tale of desperaux reference because Desperaux was named for the despairs and sadnesses of that time- side note its been surprisingly easy and no despair and sadness). Since our nest egg is growing we have been slowly starting the house searching process (aka stalking all homes for sale online).

Thanks to the internet/real estate phone apps my house stalking tendencies are at their peak. I roughly know what the range we will be in and let me tell you we have a lot of ranch walk outs and split levels on our hands!!! Thanks to lots of rolling hills here in this section of the Midwest those two choices seem to be the most popular style of construction back in the 60’s-80’s. (Hell even all the current homes being built are those styles) What I haven’t expected the number of homes that have pools.  I am not opposed to having a house with a pool, I just know that most pools require more maintenance than home buyers (aka – me) expect and since we only get a few short months of really warm weather the idea of having a pool taking up prime real estate in a backyard seems kind of silly.  If I lived in the Aloha state like Kari I would be jumping up and down for a pool, but not here in the state of fields of opportunity.

So back to my house stalking errr searching, it’s only just beginning and my phone app has lots of houses as possibility.  First thing is first my darling husband and I need to sit down and figure out what we really want in our next home. Once we get that written down I hope to share this process with you. It might not be all that exciting…but who knows I have been known to shock people!


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