Let’s talk: Juicing

eat feel fresh - fork & beans(source) & (source)

One of Kari’s friends (HI KARI’S FRIEND!) wanted to know about juicing.  Our e-mail conversation consisted of this….

Kari: My friend just asked me to do a post on juice cleanses.

Me: Oh really? Have you done a juice cleanse? Sounds like a personal problem if you ask me.  No no more juice my colon can’t handle it. May I suggest a cheese cleanse? I think I can handle that. (LOL)

Kari:  Maybe its best to find someone else’s opinion.

So neither Kari nor I have gone down the Hollywood rabbit hole that is juice cleanses, they sound easy enough…throw fruits, veggies and leafy greens in a blender (or juicer) and poof magic juice drink packed with yummy goodness.

Since neither of us has tried it I searched the internet (aka pinterest) for some really great blogs/websites for juicing. Let me tell you…there are a ton! BUT these two ladies seem to know what they are talking about, have lots of good recipes to share and/or have sweet awesome graphics!

The Eat Feel Fresh blog gives you the benefits of juicing as well as some great recipes!!!!

Fork & Beans has a great Juicing 101 post that will also be an excellent resource in your quest for juicing information. (PS the graphics are awesome too!)

There are lots of blog posts floating around the internet related to juicing. This isn’t going to be one of them…but what I can say is that it looks interesting enough and after a little more research I might actually give it a try.

Kari’s thoughts on the other hand are  ” I hate my bathroom and prefer not to spend a moment extra in there that is why i refuse to juice.”

Best of luck Kari’s friend in your quest for knowledge on juicing!


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